#SiamoNoiContest to talk about Palermo Capitale

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A contest connected to the new communication campaign of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018 #SiamoNoi (This is us), created by The New Place agency to talk about the real faces of Palermo: its  people, protagonists of the cultural change which allowed it to receive this prize. On the billboards, some of the faces which can be found strolling around the city: from the city centre to the Foro Italico, on a bus or a bike lane, inside an old market and so on. Starting from today, the 18th of June, the contest invites everybody to become ambassador of Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018, taking pictures of a person or a monument that could represent the city. The hashtags to use for taking part in it, posting a picture on Facebook and Instagram and mentioning the official page of Palermo Capitale are: #SiamoNoiContest #PalermoSiamoNoi.


Each week, one picture will be selected. The photo will be reposted on the social networks and website  of Palermo Capitale Cultura. Each month there will be a winner and he will talk about his choise on the website of Palermo Capitale.


EnjoytheCulture and #JoinUs!

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