“Scuola di Palermo” exhibited at the Museo Riso

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At the Museo Riso since next Thursday to the 25th April, will open an exhibition that includes the artworks of the so-called “Scuola di Palermo“. Under observation are the works of Alessandro Bazan, Francesco De Grandi, Andrea Di Marco (who died six years ago), and Fulvio Di Piazza. An inedited operation, conducted for the Riso Museum by the curator, Sergio Troisi, with the collaboration of Alessandro Pinto, and which for the first time focuses and reinterprets in critical light that great season of Sicilian contemporary art, especially for painting.


The exhibition, sponsored by Elenk’Art with the Museo Riso, expects 80 artworks including paintings (many of them in large-format) and drawings. Catalog Glifo Editions.