Immaginario arabo-normanno, the new contest of the Unesco Foundation

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After the success of the “Notte Bianca” for Palermo Capital of Culture, which saw over 40 thousand participants, the Unesco Sicilia Foundation launches the “Immaginario arabo-normanno” contest. You can choose the subject and the medium: from the domes of San Giovanni degli Eremiti to the Zisa Gardens; by photos, videos, graphic drawings: just use the imagination. To participate, you could visit the Foundation’s website, download the participation announcement and have fun.

The deadline for the contest is set on the 15th April, when the trial will pass to the Internet for voting the works arrived. 50 works will be chosen: 20 photographs, 10 videos, 20 “creations” between painting, drawing, unpublished graphic interpretation or other artistic forms. Among these 50 works, a quality jury will select a winner for each of the three categories. There is also a special “Community Unesco” Prize for schools, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Conservatory and the University students, and also for dance and music schools or cultural associations.