Gabriella Ciancimino, in Liberty We Trust at Palazzo Ziino

Di 21/06/2018 No Comments

The Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo is part of the Collateral Events program of Manifesta 12 with a huge exhibition dedicated to Gabriella Ciancimino, an international artist coming from Palermo. It is within the program of Palermo Capitale della Cultura 2018, the exhibition is the 7th date of Visual Startup, the art direction of Palazzo Ziino which the City of Palermo gave to the Accademia. 

Curated by Daniela Bigi and Gianna Di Piazza, Gabriella Ciancimino. In Liberty We Trust is a project dedicated to Palazzo Ziino’s rooms and carried out through environmental installations, wall drawings which make the audience dive into a grasses landscape.