Antonello meets Laurana at the Abatellis

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It is a fascinating idea that of making different kinds of artworks, a painting and a sculpture, that seem to recall to each other for poses and expressions, look at each other. The works are two masterpieces of the Fifteenth Century: the Annunciata by Antonello from Messina and the Bust of Eleonora d’Aragona by Francesco Laurana. Two of the most important “pieces” exhibited into the museum where it is setting another third look, that of Sharbat Gula: another woman, portrayed in another form of art, photography, and in another time, the ours. Gula is the green-eyed Afghan girl and the red cape photographed by Steve McCurry in 1984, known all over the world.

From ther 20th March to the 22nd April (Tue – Fri 9 am – 7 pm, Sat – Sun 9 am – 1 pm) the three works will be exhibited in the same room at the Gallery. On the 19th March at 12.00 the event will be presented at a press conference by Vittorio Sgarbi.