The Teatro Massimo is not only the symbol of the rebirth of the city, it’s a symbol of the end of the domination of the Mafia.

New York Times - USA


In Palermo you can constantly fall in love of something or someone, also of our journey partner.

MarieCliaire - Italy


The culture has set Palermo free from Mafia. We make the city a place where to live.

Die Welt - Germany


…What more do you need from this city, which is not 200 kilometers far away from Tunis but almost 900 kilometers away from Milano? Enjoy life.

Z magazine - Germany


..A whole encyclopedia is not enough to explain why one should visit Palermo.

Turismo.it - Italy


The city has gone from being the capital of the Mafia to the capital of culture…Sicily’s Capital Palermo is metamorphosing into a centre of art and culture. This is the turning point that opens a season of cultural change.

Wish - Australia


It’s Palermo’s big year. A city that has long absorbed the influences of settlers and invaders from three continents.

Forbes - USA


…As Italian Capital of Culture, Palermo will present more than 800 cultural events in 2018.

Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany


Palermo has moved up. But this city has always been cradle of art and culture.

Il Sole 24 Ore Viaggi - Italia


The contagious charm of the Sicilian city in the year of Italian Capital of Culture and Manifesta12

Traveller's World - Germany


On the edge of summer Palermo will wake up in the middle of Europe with all eyes on it.

Panorama - Italy


Palermo is a beautiful Mediterranean place.

Radiotelevisione Svizzera - Switzerland


The Sicilian capital may have been named Italy’s capital of culture for 2018 but its credentials as a cultural melting pot stretch back almost a millennium.

The Guardian - United Kingdom


Palermo will be born again. It’s both a resourceful and contradictory city, now it seems to be in the centre of the world.

Vogue Casa - Italy


A melting pot of sounds, architectures, harmonies… A mosaic city where Christianity and Islamism lives together o the name of beauty.

Famiglia Cristiana - Italy


A human-sized city, one can visit it by foot and it gives millions of surprises.

Latitudes - Italy


…a revival driven by steady but hard-won victories against organized crime.

Travel+Leisure - USA


Palermo woke up from a long lethargy and rekindle the citizens’ proud.

La cucina italiana - Italy