Giovanni Pepi: "Palermo Capital of Culture, both a spring for self-esteem" by Giovanni Pepi

By Giovanni Pepi*

Leoluca Orlando discovers the logo, the four "P" of the Arabic, Hebrew, Phoenician and Greek alphabets, as in the ancient tombstone of Zisa, and says: "This is Palermo"... Yes, this is Palermo. Harmony of cultures, welcoming space, sea of dialogue, land of coexistence, crossroads of diversity. And again, after epochal changes. 

First capital of the mafia, then capital of Antimafia, now capital of Culture. A passage which can be nothing but also can be a lot. To make so it has to make its beauty visible. Abroad, but above all to all Palermitans too often bent in the observation of the badness and catastrophism.

But of course the culture should not be a veil on delays and inconveniences. But often we focus on reporting the bad, ignoring the beauties. Better to change wa to seek and show the beautiful, to extend it where it is not there. Everywhere. In the center, in the suburbs, in the province. New resources are not enough it needs a new state of mind. Our mayor repeatedly urges more self-esteem. Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni does not use different words when he asks himself and asks, as he did in Teatro Massimo: Palermo, how else can grow, if not investing in its resources? We can all agree with him. Now we are at a test bed. We have to overcome it and it's up to us. 


* editorialist and former co-director of the Giornale di Sicilia